articles has manuals available for most manufacturers and models of universal television remote controls. Some manufacturers, including Philips, have manuals for all of their specific models available on thei... More » Technology Television & Video

Philips does offer instructions for its universal remote controls as of 2015. An instruction sheet is included in the product packaging. also provides instructions for its products. More » Technology Television & Video

To program your Philips CL035A universal remote control, sync the remote to the device you wish to control. Once you sync the remote to your device, test it to ensure that the remote is controlling the device. More » Technology Television & Video
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Manuals for LG remote controls purchased as standalone accessories are available for download on the LG product support page. Operation instructions and related information for remote controls included in the box with an... More » Technology Television & Video

Manuals for remote controls are normally available on the websites of their manufacturers, such as the Dish Network. Users can also find remote control manuals on websites that aggregate documentation for remote controls... More » Technology Television & Video

First, register the LG Magic remote control on the television prior to using it for the first time. Switch on the television and wait for around 10 seconds until the television turns on. More » Technology Television & Video

A universal remote control is a controller that is programmed to operate multiple different electronic devices of different types and manufacturers. A single universal remote control can functionally replace several indi... More » Technology Television & Video