articles has manuals available for most manufacturers and models of universal television remote controls. Some manufacturers, including Philips, have manuals for all of their specific models available on thei... More » Technology Television & Video

Philips does offer instructions for its universal remote controls as of 2015. An instruction sheet is included in the product packaging. also provides instructions for its products. More » Technology Television & Video

To program your Philips CL035A universal remote control, sync the remote to the device you wish to control. Once you sync the remote to your device, test it to ensure that the remote is controlling the device. More » Technology Television & Video
similar articles has GE universal remote control manuals that users can view for free. In addition to viewing the manual online, users can download or print a PDF document of the manual. More » Technology Television & Video

The General Electric universal remote control codes are the codes used in tandem with the GE universal remote to operate various consumer electronics devices. The Jasco-owned GE universal remote control offers two distin... More » Technology Television & Video

To set up a universal remote control, determine the programming codes for each device you wish to program, and input each code with the remote. You need the manual for your remote. More » Technology Television & Video

To program a Magnavox universal remote control, find and enter the four-digit code that connects your remote to your television. If you don't have access to four-digit codes, you can perform a code search to program the ... More » Technology Television & Video