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HomeFacts.com provides a fire station search tool that calculates the distance between any U.S. address and the fire stations nearest to it. You can search for fire stations by individual postal address, ZIP code or city. The U.S. Fire Administration provides additional information about local fire


To find the addresses of train stations nearest to a location, navigate to the Find a Station section on Amtrak.com or Wmata.com, and enter your postal code, city and state in the search field. Once the information is entered, the nearest train stations should appear on the map.


Search for the nearest fire station to any address using the search tools on FireDepartment.net or HomeFacts.com. Neither websites is comprehensive, but both feature thousands of individual fire stations, covering most U.S. cities.


To find fire stations nearby, access the website of the city or town, visit the local town or city hall in the area, or look through the yellow pages to find the contact details. Alternatively, call 411 or 311 to get in touch with a fire station automatically.


Phone numbers for fire stations can be looked up on the website of the city or town or on the yellow pages. The print version or the website of Yellow Pages can be used to find the phone number of a local fire station. .


You can find the nearest Greyhound station by going to the official Greyhound website and clicking on Locations. Enter your city, state or ZIP code; from there, the Web page provides you with a list of local Greyhound stations.


The Free Dictionary defines a fire command station as the principal location where the statuses of a fire detection system, an alarm system and a communications-and-control system are displayed and from which all systems can be manually controlled. Each state in the U.S. has its own codes and regula


Fire station plans, such as those from Whole Building Design and Carver Fire, often include fire truck garages, lobbies, training areas and administration areas. Additional features may include kitchens, bunk rooms, two-storey living spaces and bathrooms. Some websites offer free consultation on fir


To find the nearest Shell gas station, use the Online Shell Station Locator tool that is available on Shell.com, as of June 2015. The locator is also available on the Shell Motorist application.


To find the nearest fire hydrant to a home or business, a request may be made in writing to local Emergency Service representatives; this letter is called a "Request for Letter of Protection." As of 2014, there is no definitive way to find a fire hydrant.