Season five of "NCIS" is available on DVD for purchase online at both Amazon and Overstock. The DVD series is available for purchase in store and online at Walmart. A complete listing of all the episodes presented in sea... More » Art & Literature

Full episodes of "NCIS" are available on,, Google Play and the Amazon Instant Video feature on Viewers can purchase individual episodes or buy passes that include full seasons. Retailers such... More » Art & Literature

"NCIS" can be seen on the CBS network, on Tuesday night. After each episode has aired, it can be viewed online via a pay-for-service subscription called "CBS All Access" at More » Art & Literature
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In the 2014 season finale of NCIS, Leroy Gibbs learns that his father has died and later comes close to dying himself. The episode was intended to honor and say goodbye to the actor who played Gibbs's father, Ralph Waite... More » Art & Literature