The NBA was founded on June 6, 1946 as the Basketball Association of America. It took its current name three years later after merging with the rival National Basketball League. The inaugural 1946-47 campaign saw the Phi... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports Basketball

The official height of an NBA rim is 10 feet from the court surface directly below. This measurement has remained constant at the high school, college and professional levels since the game was invented by Dr. James Nais... More »

Overtime periods in National Basketball Association games are 5 minutes long. Overtime occurs when the two teams playing are tied at the end of regulation, which occurs at the end of the fourth period. More »

While no official measurements of hand size are kept, Giannis Antetokounmpo is believed to have the biggest hands in the NBA. The Milwaukee Bucks' shooting guard-small forward's hands measure nearly 15 inches in length. More »

NBA teams don't hold tryouts, but the NBA Development League does. To try out for the NBA Development League, fill out the registration paperwork, pay the fee and attend the tryout. More »

Websites that provide NBA scores include and, in addition to the NBA's website, All three websites provide access to live scores. and produce extensive coverage of the pro... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports Basketball

One's odds of making the NBA depend greatly on their level of experience up to that point. In the best-case scenario, an NCAA division I player has a 1 in 365 chance to make it to the NBA. More »