The Navy Physical Readiness Test Instruction is an official document detailing the policies and standards for the Navy's Physical Readiness Program. As of 2014, the most recent Navy PRT Instruction, designated OPNAVINST ... More » Government & Politics Military

As of 2015, the Standard Navy Distribution List is a directory that provides the proper mailing addresses for all United States Navy commands. Produced at the Washington Navy Yard by the Office of the Assistant Vice Chie... More » Government & Politics Military

Candidates for the Navy Nuclear Power School must be U.S. citizens, must meet the physical standards of the Navy, and must be between 19 and 28 years old, except in special circumstances. They must be at least B-average ... More » Government & Politics Military
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The Navy requires all new recruits to meet standards for age, size, education, moral fitness, financial obligations and criminal background, as well as citizenship and family life. An applicant who meets all of these req... More » Government & Politics Military

To join the Navy, contact a Navy recruiter in the local area, and meet the eligibility criteria. The requirement criteria can vary based on personal experience, educational background and personal circumstances. More » Government & Politics Military

The neckerchief has been a part of a sailor's uniform since the beginning of the inception of the Navy. This rectangular cloth is worn around the neck and tied in the front. Tying the Navy neckerchief is a simple proces ... More » Government & Politics Military

The Navy has no required breath-holding time among its physical requirements. Its physical readiness test, according to, consists of pushups, sit-ups and either running or swimming, although swimming is not ... More » Government & Politics Military