To become a Navy nurse, first check to see if you meet the Navy's active-duty service requirements. Then, visit a Navy office, and join the program that best fits your current educational and professional needs. More » Government & Politics Military

Find grants for nursing students by checking with the National Health Services Corps, the Health Resources and Services Administration, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Foundation, the American Association of ... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Women did many things and took on many roles during World War II, chief among which was as workers and laborers. Up until this point, most jobs were reserved for men, but with the entrance of the United States into the w... More »

To join the Navy, contact a Navy recruiter in the local area, and meet the eligibility criteria. The requirement criteria can vary based on personal experience, educational background and personal circumstances. More » Government & Politics Military

The neckerchief has been a part of a sailor's uniform since the beginning of the inception of the Navy. This rectangular cloth is worn around the neck and tied in the front. Tying the Navy neckerchief is a simple proces ... More »

The Navy has no required breath-holding time among its physical requirements. Its physical readiness test, according to, consists of pushups, sit-ups and either running or swimming, although swimming is not ... More »

Navy ranks begin with Chief Warrant Officers and end with Fleet Admiral, a wartime-only rank. In between are junior officers -- Ensigns, Lieutenants Junior Grade, Lieutenants, Lieutenant Commanders -- and senior officers... More » Government & Politics Military