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Many different pants colors will complement a navy blue blazer, including gray, lighter denim and khakis, Business Insider notes. A person can also pair their blazer with pants that are brown or green.


According to GQ, it is acceptable to wear dark brown shoes with navy pants. A lighter shade of brown, such as tan, is not appropriate, because men's shoes should be at least as dark as their pants. Refusing to combine dark browns and blues is considered outdated.


To make navy blue, the colors black and blue are mixed. Blue is a primary color, and navy blue is a dark version of it, so adding black to basic blue creates the navy shade.


Navy blue and black match and work well together, according to Global Post. While wearing navy and black together has often been considered a fashion faux pas, style experts assert that it is acceptable to wear the colors together.


The Navy's dress blue uniform is one of two formal uniforms worn for specially designated occasions. It is characterized by the trademark blue coat and has a number of prescribed as well as optional items that may be worn if the individual prefers or is eligible by rank. The other formal uniform wor


Despite previous trends, navy blue and black are generally considered to match. Wearing them close together helps contrast their colors.


While black pants and a blue shirt technically do not match, they are very often worn together. Mixing black and blue successfully depends mostly on the shade of blue chosen.


A simple method to convert men's pants sizes to women's sizes involves subtracting 21 inches from the men's pants waist measurement. This means a size 34-inch men's pants equals a women's size 13.


Along with transporting and deploying military personnel and equipment, the United States Navy responds to disaster relief needs around the world. Among their primary objectives are to win wars and deter aggression.


To properly cuff men's dress pants, turn up the hem and sew it into place. Make sure the fabric is neatly folded and lies flat.