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A nautical star is a star characterized by dark and light alternating pieces within the star. The star has informal meaning indicating members of the U.S. Navy, but the star has also become popular as a tattoo for people outside of the Navy as well.


Although the nautical star’s meaning depends on the context within which it is used, it originally represented the star sailors relied on to find their way home, according to New Health Guide.


Visit NauticalChartsOnline.com to purchase a copy of the Chesapeake Bay nautical map, or view the map online at Charts.NOAA.gov. The Office of Coast Survey also offers a set of more than 10 detailed online nautical maps of various sections of the Chesapeake Bay waters o...


Some popular nautical star colors are blue, red, green, pink and black. The color varies along with the meaning, and the shades of color alternate from light to dark around the five-pointed star.


Fontspace is a great resource for themed fonts, including nautical and ocean-styled font designs available to download. Sailor's Fat Tattoo Script is a classic nautical Sailor-Jerry-style font, and JLR Waves is a more playful nautical font.


A nautical distance calculator is a tool used to determine the distance between two points in nautical miles. A nautical mile is equivalent to 1.852 kilometers.


Popular nautical decorations include different hues of blue paint, lots of white, anchor accents, striped walls and wooden accent walls. Pillows or paintings with ships or anchors add more nautical detail to rooms.


The nautical star can have multiple symbolic meanings. It may refer to the first point of Aries, or it may be used as a point of reference in astronomical navigation. It may also refer to a five-pointed star with alternating shading, which is popular in tattoo designs.


Nautical stars, especially as used in tattoos, are primarily associated with sailors and sailing, where the design represents the North Star, its use in navigation, and finding one's way home. Blue typically indicates the sea or sky, and is considered one of the more tr...


The nautical star tattoo usually indicates membership in the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps, though it is often worn by sailors of other nations as well. Its popularity and simplicity has led many people to get it as a tattoo even if they have no connection to the sea.