Using a saline solution is one safe way to remove earwax at home. One should take a cotton ball soaked in a salt and warm water solution, drip a few drops into one ear until it washes the whole canal and then tilt the he... More » Beauty & Fashion Hygiene

Two safe ways to remove earwax are regularly putting hydrogen peroxide in the ears before showering and inserting drops of mineral oil, baby oil or an over-the-counter earwax softening agent. Another safe way to remove e... More » Beauty & Fashion Hygiene

There are a number of natural treatments that can gradually help lighten and remove age spots. The websites Organic Facts, Top 10 Home Remedies and all provide extensive lists of the many natural options for ... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Skin Blemishes
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Using over-the-counter earwax-softening drops and flushing the ear with warm water are the most highly recommended methods for removing earwax at home, states WebMD. Only an otolaryngologist, or ENT, should use instrumen... More » Beauty & Fashion Hygiene

A rubber bulb syringe can fairly easily clean out earwax at home. In some cases, the earwax may need softening prior to using the syringe. More » Beauty & Fashion Hygiene

Methods for safely removing earwax at home include over-the-counter ear wax softening drops and flushing the ear with warm water, states WebMD. Instruments to scoop out ear wax should only be used by a medical profession... More » Beauty & Fashion Hygiene

A person should never use a regular candle to clean out earwax. Ear candles are specifically designed hollow tapered cones made of cloth and soaked in beeswax. More » Beauty & Fashion Hygiene