Ginger, honey, echinacea and salt water are common home remedies, states Healthline. These remedies aid in relieving cold and flu symptoms, and they boost overall health. More » Health Medications & Vitamins

A mustard bath is a natural remedy for a hangover, according to HowStuffWorks. Adding mustard to a bath increases circulation in the body and empties organs of impurities, allowing healthy, clean blood to enter the organ... More » Health

According to Better Homes and Gardens, one of the best natural home remedies for carpet stains is a mixture of dish soap and vinegar. Mix a quart of warm water, a teaspoon of mild dish detergent and 1/4 teaspoon white vi... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Stain Removal
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Some home remedies for cracked corners of the mouth include honey, lip balms and moisturizers, aloe vera gel, water, cocoa butter and cucumber. Having cracked corners of the mouth is a common condition also known as Angu... More » Health Medications & Vitamins

Some home remedies to treat a dry cough include staying hydrated, drinking tea with honey and taking a hot shower, according to WebMD. Other home remedies include removing irritants from the air, such as air freshener an... More » Health Medications & Vitamins

Many of the natural home remedies used by the Amish include honey, vinegar or tea, according to Welcome to Lancaster County. A recipe for home treatment of flu in the stomach and bowels combines 1 quart water, 2 tablespo... More » Health Medications & Vitamins

Some simple folk remedies for hiccups that can be done at home are eating honey, eating dill, eating peanut butter and eating hot sauce, states Reader's Digest. Another remedy is breathing into a brown paper bag. More » Health Medications & Vitamins