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GA natural gas provider for Atlanta, GA and areas in Georgia. Call SCANA Energy for Georgia natural gas rates, prices and sign up - 1-877-467-2262.


From a humble beginning, the Dover Gas Light Company, founded in 1859, eventually became Chesapeake Utilities. Over the years, the company has changed with continuous growth in customers, in technology and natural gas availability in your areas. We aspire to deliver safe, reliable, efficient and economical natural gas throughout our region.


Welcome to National Grid, providing New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts with natural gas and electricity for homes and businesses.


Frontier Natural Gas Company is ready to help you save on your energy needs with clean-burning, American, natural gas. Over 20 Years Experience Formed in 1998, Frontier Natural Gas is dedicated to providing safe, reliable natural gas service to residential, commercial, and municipal customers.


About Our Natural Gas Service. Liberty Utilities delivers safe and reliable natural gas through our underground pipelines to over 320,000 customer connections. Natural g as is an economical fuel choice for home, business or industrial purposes.


Suspect a natural gas leak? Call 911 and 1-877-837-4968


The Gas Company’s delivery service charge covers the costs of transporting natural gas through our pipeline system. Monthly Gas rates vary based on monthly gas prices Since 1999, the cost of natural gas that customers pay in their rates is based on the monthly price of gas and averaged storage cost instead of a forecasted annual price.


Any customer starting the use of natural gas without sufficient notification to enable CNG to read the meter will be held responsible for any amount due for gas supplied from the time of the last reading of meter. ... or repair maintain or disconnect other property owned by the company. Gas service is sold upon the express condition that it ...


We are a gas company serving 1.7 million customers in Missouri, Alabama, and Mississippi, providing natural gas to powers their homes and businesses.


Intermountain Gas Company is a natural gas distribution company serving approximately 350,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in 75 communities in southern Idaho.