The Miami tribe, originally centered in Wisconsin, Ohio and Illinois, lived in wigwam-style oval homes made of woven reeds. One structure in each village, a council house, was of a more permanent wooden construction. More »

An easy and effective way to find single Native Americans is through the Native Americans Passions website. The free online dating and social networking site is open to everyone. You may tour the website before committin... More » Health

Native Americans have facial characteristics of Mongolian people including light brown skin, brown eyes and dark straight hair. The ancestors of Native Americans migrated to the American continent from northeast Asia via... More » History Modern History US History

The Miami Indian tribe lived in what is now Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and the southern portion of Michigan during the 1400s. By the 1700s, the tribe was one of the most powerful in the Ohio region after settling in Ma... More » History Modern History US History

In Native American culture, the feather symbolized a number of things including strength, trust, honor, wisdom and freedom. Native Americans proudly displayed feathers in headpieces and wardrobes, or had the image tattoo... More »

About 50 million tribal people live in rainforests in different parts of the world. Indigenous people have lived there for thousands of years and have organized their daily lives as their ancestors had done. Their food, ... More »

Traditional Miami Indian homes were made from woven reeds in the shape of a small oval with a rounded roof. To keep the home water-tight, the outside was covered with mats made of cattails. Unlike many other American Ind... More »