National University Virtual High School is an online high school that was established in January 2004. It allows high school students to take classes and earn a United States diploma from any location. The school is base... More »

Online programs offered by National University include accounting, applied engineering, journalism, psychology and social science, as of 2015. The school offers over 70 full bachelor's, master's and certificate programs ... More »

Overall, the University of Texas Longhorns have won 50 national team championships, as of January 2015. Of those 50 team titles, four are from the school's football team, six by the baseball team and one by the women's b... More »

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Students can earn high school credits online at schools such as Penn Foster High School, The Virtual High School and Connections Academy. These programs offer courses for students wishing to go to high school online full... More »

To transfer a child to another high school, a parent or legal guardian must fill out the appropriate paperwork with both schools and provide the new school with proof of residency and existing transcripts. Transfer proce... More »

The credits required to graduate from high school depend on the specific high school or high school system but generally include a mixture of credit or course requirements in math, science and language arts. The District... More »

Search and view junior high school yearbooks online on websites like Ancestory and E-Yearbook or in archival local resources like a state or genealogy library. Previous yearbooks from various schools and years may be ava... More »