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A list of national banks includes Bank of America, Chase, Regions Bank, SunTrust and Wells Fargo. Others are BB&T, Citizens Bank, PNC and U.S. Bank. As of 2015, each of these banks has over 1,000 national locations, notes FindABetterBank.com.


Chase, Bank of America, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo and Citizens Bank are among the major national banks of the United States, a list that includes 367 banks, as of June 2015. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency of the U.S. Treasury is responsible for chartering national banks.


Unit banking refers to a banking system in which banks remain stand-alone organizations and are forbidden by law to open branch offices. Banking institutions tend to look toward branching out or merging with other banks to diversify risk, but many United States banks were unable to do so until the p


The Bank of North America, the nation’s first central bank, opened in Philadelphia on Jan. 7, 1782. Robert Morris presented the plan for the bank to the Continental Congress on May 17, 1781. The Continental Congress approved the institution on May 26, 1781, and chartered it on Dec. 31, 1781.


Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America are all popular banks in the United States. Rounding out the top five are U.S. Bankcorp and The PNC Financial Service Group.


Wells Fargo, BBVA Compass Bank and Bank of America took the top three spots on U.S. News list of best banks for 2015. Criteria for the ranking included checking, savings and CD accounts, loan and insurance services, branch availability and the BauerFinancial star rating of financial strength.


Lists of the top 10 banks in the United States are available online at USNews.com, Forbes.com, GoBankingRates.com and Bankrate.com, as of March 2015. The criteria for a list of the top banks vary by site.


Find a list of all the banks in the United States on HonestlyNow.com. The site provides a list of U.S. banks by name in alphabetical order.


U.S. Bank National Association is a commercial bank based in Cincinnati, OH. The bank provides a range of standard banking services for individuals, institutions and businesses. It is a subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp and is one of the largest banks in the United States.


The United Nations was officially formed in October 1945 to promote cooperation among different countries. It had its roots in the former League of Nations, which was formed after World War I but disbanded after failing to prevent the second World War.