National parks exist to preserve the natural environment and provide a chance to see both historic and natural sites for years to come. National parks can include landmarks, historic sites and large tracts of undeveloped... More »

Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is located in southwestern Alaska. It is not on the road map system and is primarily accessed by small aircraft. The east side of the park is accessible by boat. The visitor center i... More » Geography United States Alaska

There are a total of five national parks in the state of Michigan: Isle Royale, Keweenaw, River Raisin, Pictured Rocks and Sleeping Bear Dunes. Each of these areas has a rich history and offers many things to do. More » Geography United States The Midwest
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While one of the benefits of oil drilling in Alaska is the reduction in the cost of oil in the United States, a negative is the disruption that could occur to the Alaskan natural environment and ecosystem, according to R... More »

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