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The League of Nations had several goals, including disarmament, negotiating to settle disputes between countries, improving global welfare, and using collective security and diplomacy to prevent war. The Paris Peace Conference spurred the creation of the League of Natio...


Bowling league standings are available on multiple websites, such as LeagueSecretary.com, LSS.bowl.com and SunsetLanes.com. All of these websites offer current week standings as well as historical information for specific bowling leagues.


The international League of Nations existed primarily to promote peace among nations worldwide and resolve international conflicts. The League of Nations formed in 1914 and established headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The League formed from the vision of United Stat...


A league generally represents a distance of about 3 miles, but this can vary because the original understanding of the word referred to the distance someone or something could travel in an hour. While a person walking over land can averages a pace of 3 miles per hour, a...


Locate Major League baseball standings online through sources such as ESPN, Mlb.com and Yahoo! Sports. Select the Standings headers at Mlb.com's homepage and the ESPN and Yahoo! MLB pages to display the current standings.


The United States did not join the League of Nations because of opposition in the press and the U.S. Senate. Leading the opposition were Senators Henry Cabot Lodge and William Borah.


To find current American League standings as of 2015, navigate to the ESPN home page at ESPN.Go.com, and hover the mouse over the MLB button underneath the scoreboard at the top of the page; this brings up a menu with links to various team pages and other options. Click...