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The Federal Hockey League is an A-Level professional hockey league founded in 2010. Six teams played in the league's inaugural season: the Rome Frenzy, 1000 Islands Privateers, Akwesanse Warriors, Broome County Barons and New York Aviators.


Some USA Junior Hockey leagues include the United States Hockey League, the North American Hockey League, the Eastern Hockey League Premier Division, the Northern Pacific Hockey League, the North American 3 Hockey League and the Rocky Mountain Junior Hockey League. The leagues are divided into three


The official website of the American Hockey League provides team-by-team scores and schedules, as of 2015. Although there are multiple minor professional ice hockey leagues around the United States, the AHL is the most prominent since it has a farm team for every professional National Hockey League


Owned and operated by the International Ice Hockey Federation, WorldJunior2016.com provides updates on the Ice Hockey World Junior league. The website offers schedules and news related to the Ice Hockey World Junior Championship.


A regulation ice hockey game is 60 minutes long. The game is divided into three periods, each of which lasts 20 minutes.


The League of Nations had several goals, including disarmament, negotiating to settle disputes between countries, improving global welfare, and using collective security and diplomacy to prevent war. The Paris Peace Conference spurred the creation of the League of Nations.


The number of players on a hockey team depends on the level of play involved. In the NHL, the maximum number of players allowed on the roster is 23. In NCAA hockey, teams can only carry 18 scholarship players. Olympic rosters have the highest number of players at 25.


In hockey, "icing" is called when a player shoots or deflects the puck from his own side of the center line across the opposing team's goal line. Once icing has been called, the play is ruled dead, and the puck is returned to the shooting team's zone for a face-off.


Bowling league standings are available on multiple websites, such as LeagueSecretary.com, LSS.bowl.com and SunsetLanes.com. All of these websites offer current week standings as well as historical information for specific bowling leagues.


Locate Major League baseball standings online through sources such as ESPN, Mlb.com and Yahoo! Sports. Select the Standings headers at Mlb.com's homepage and the ESPN and Yahoo! MLB pages to display the current standings.