National Grid is a publicly owned company that provides electricity and gas to the northeastern United States and the United Kingdom. The company also partners with energy providers to provide energy infrastructure such ... More » Business & Finance Corporations

National Grid is headquartered in London, but provides electric service to Massachusetts. The company works with Massachusetts residential customers, commercial customers, landlords and property managers. National Grid a... More » Business & Finance Corporations

National Grid Electric has taken steps to be environmentally friendly by protecting wildlife and wetlands, conserving natural resources, developing solar power and reducing pollution. The company also strives to minimize... More » Business & Finance Corporations
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National Grid is an electrical power and gas company that provides natural gas services to all of Brooklyn. The company also serves the boroughs of Queens and Staten Island. National Grid does not offer electricity to an... More » Business & Finance Corporations

National Grid offers gas service throughout the state of Rhode Island, notes the company. It is one of the state's main gas utility providers. More » Business & Finance Corporations

Some services offered by National Grid include gas distribution connections, land and development and balancing services. National Grid's official site has a list of all the services it offers. More » Business & Finance Corporations

The National Grid website serves as the corporate hub for the international gas and electric power company of the same name. It includes information about the company's performance, tools for reporting power outages or g... More » Technology Internet & Networking