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NASCAR races generally last anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours, depending on the length of the race, number of laps and track conditions. Many races are 500 miles in length, though some are shorter or longer.


In general, the top speed for most NASCAR cars is around 200 miles per hour. In April 2014, five NASCAR Sprint Cup teams achieved speeds over 217 miles per hour during Goodyear's tire testing event at Michigan International Speedway.


NASCAR race results can be found online at ESPN.com, the official NASCAR website and Fox Sports. To find NASCAR results at ESPN.com, one can first click on the NASCAR link in the menu tab and then click the Results link from the NASCAR page.


NASCAR race results and news can found on the official NASCAR website. ESPN and Fox Sports also have websites that feature recent NASCAR race results.


Nascar.com is the official site of NASCAR and has a page for full results from the previous season to find out who won each race. The site also has a page with schedules for the upcoming season, and race results are added as they happen.


Most races in the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, or NASCAR, start with 43 cars because of a rule adopted for the 1998 season. Placement of the cars within the starting grid is based on the drivers' performances in the qualifying rounds.


Find starting positions for NASCAR races at FantasyRacingCheatSheet.com as of 2015. This website organizes the starting positions of all active drivers by track. It also displays the overall average starting position for each driver.


As of 2015, 46 drivers have died during a NASCAR race, including Dale Earnhardt, Carlos Pardo, Tony Roper, Don Williams and Larry Smith. Other fatalities have occurred during qualifiers and practice laps on NASCAR tracks, including Ricky Knotts, Rick Baldwin, Kenny Irwin Jr. and Adam Petty.


NASCAR live streaming race events can be heard on the RaceBuddy page by accessing the NASCAR website as of 2015. To hear a live race, click RaceBuddy under the Video tab.


Nascar race schedules are available at Nascar.com and ESPN.go.com. Both sites provide race schedules for the Nascar Sprint Cup, Xfinity Series and Camping World Truck Series, as of 2015. Both sites also provide race dates for the Nascar Chase for the Sprint Cup playoff.