The scientific or botanical name of a flower depends on the specific type of flower and its species. For example, the genus for the rose is Rosa, and it belongs to the family called Rosaceae. More » Science Earth Science

A list of flowers might include the names of the state flowers, starting with the states on the Pacific Ocean. Alaska's state flower is the forget-me-not, Hawaii's flower is the yellow hibiscus, and California's flower i... More »

Cool flower names include Kok'io, which is a Hawaiian native and rare red tree flower, and Middlemist Camellia, which is one of the rarest flowers in the world with a resemblance to the rose. The flower named Tiarella is... More » Hobbies & Games Flower Arranging
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Pollination is the transfer of pollen grains from a flower’s anthers to the same or another flower’s stigmas. Pollens are moved from flower to flower by pollinators, such as butterflies, bees, beetles, moths, bats and bi... More » Science Earth Science

The biotic, or living, factors in the tropical rainforest include hundreds of thousands of species of plants, animals, bacteria and fungi. Rainforests are noteworthy for the incredible abundance of species that live in t... More » Science Earth Science

The ecological species concept defines a species as a group of interrelated organisms that occupy or adapt to a single niche. For example, if a population of birds exploits two different food sources, it represents two d... More » Science Earth Science

Ecological balance is a theory stipulating that natural conditions, including numbers of various animal and plant species, remain stable on their own through variations over time. The theory, also known as balance of nat... More » Science Earth Science