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The following is an alphabetical list of the islands of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas


The Bahamas is comprised of 700 islands sprinkled over 100,000 square miles of ocean. The archipelago is an ecological oasis, boasting the clearest water on the planet. Try The Island Finder


There are 700 islands that make up the Bahamas, which extend 760 miles from the coast of Florida nearly all the way to Haiti. Of course, the majority of those islands are uninhabited, but those who want to visit still have practically an overwhelming number of destinations to choose from.


The Bahamas currently has a prime minister. Head of Governments of the Bahamas: The Bahamas Islands had a chief minister from 1955 to 1964. Then the Bahamas Islands had a premier from 1964 to 1969.


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Mayaguana is one of only two islands that kept their original Arawak names. The other island is Inagua. Arawaks were the native indians who originally lived on the Bahamas islands. New Providence and Paradise Island Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas is in New Providence. Paradise Island is joined to New Providence by two bridges.


The Bahamas is a Commonwealth nation comprised of 700 islands, islets, and cays. It is located in the Caribbean, and its 2014 population estimate is 382,600 of which 85% are Afro-Bahamian, 15% are European and mixed, 0.6% are Asian, and the rest are other races.Its GDP as of 2012 was $31,382 per capita PPP.


A significant percentage of those islands are technically cays, or coral reef islands, and most are uninhabited. The name “Bahamas” comes from Spanish, and it roughly translates to mean “shallow water.” More than 300,000 people live here, making it a relatively populous country.


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The Commonwealth Of The Bahamas. We're one of the most politically stable countries in the world. Our constitution is based on the Westminster Model: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Executive Branch, The Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branch.