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Warm blooded animals are, mammals and birds. Examples are humans and all other live birth bearing creatures that nurse their young. Birds of all kinds. Cold blooded are reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects. Examples of reptiles; lizards and snak...


Warm and Cold Blooded Animals Definition and Example List – On the basis of regulation of body temperature, all animals are categorized into two groups. Mammals and birds are generally warm-blooded animals, whereas fish and reptiles are cold-blooded animals. This post provides you with a detailed comparison of these two categories of animals.


Some examples of cold blooded animals are snakes, fish, crocodiles, lizards, frogs and turtles. As a general rule, most amphibians, reptiles and fish are cold blooded. Cold blooded animals cannot maintain their body temperature by themselves. Their body temperature depends on their environment.


Cold blooded animals can do some unusual things as a result of their physiology. For example, in winter, a wood tree frog will bury itself under dirt or leaves and freeze virtually solid with the soil. Its heart and brain functions cease, and the eyes of the frog turn milky white. It appears to be as solid as an ice cube, but when the ...


Cold-blooded animals do not necessarily have cold-blood, but rather change based on the environment in which they are in. Cold-blooded animals have to keep their body temperatures around a certain ...


That the lengthy list of cold-blooded animals is dominated by reptiles and amphibians shouldn't really come as a surprise, considering that nearly all animals in these groups are ectotherms. As you go through some examples provided in this AnimalSake article, you will get a better idea as to which species are considered cold-blooded.


What are the names of some cold blooded mammals? ... Some cold blooded animals go through a summer estivation (summer hibernation) period during the really hot and dry parts of the year. In some ...


The energy to create the heat comes from the food that the warm-blooded animals eat. An example of a warm-blooded animal attempting to cool itself down would be a dog panting. Cold-blooded animals by contrast will have the same temperature as the environment that they are in. If the environment is cold, then the animal will be cold. These ...


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We have that warm blood in our system but have you ever wondered about those who are called cold-blooded animals? If you are wondering what kind of animals come into this category then here’s a Cold-Blooded Animals list that will ease your curiosity. They have some amazing facts which we explain with pictures.