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To remove nail varnish without remover, paint your nails with clear nail polish and immediately remove it with a cotton ball. The old nail polish is removed with the new. Repeat until the old nail varnish is gone.


Varnish is used as a transparent, protective top coat when applied to wood or other materials. A varnish finish creates a hard, glossy appearance when dried.


You can paint over a surface with varnish on it. Sanding the wood with a random-orbital sander and 150-grit paper removes flaking-off varnish and creates a rougher surface on the rest of the varnish; this helps the primer bond to the surface better, explains The Family ...


Crafters can apply a coat of varnish over oil and acrylic paint to help seal in the color. One to three coats of varnish can also protect painted pieces from damage, and the smooth surface makes cleaning easier.


To get rid of the varnish smell, create a sponge from bread and vinegar, placing it in the room where the varnish smell exists. Varnish is a strong smell, so something equally strong that is known to eliminate the odor is required, such as vinegar.


Marine varnish is the best choice for treating outdoor wood. It adapts to a wide range of temperatures better than other variations, and it protects wood from sun damage.


Remove old varnish by first softening or heating old varnish coatings, and then scrape or sand away layers until new wood layers are exposed. Apply new varnish or lacquer coating to new wood layers.