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Popular nail polish in 2015 include Laura Mercier nail lacquer in coco suede, Opi nail lacquer in Italian love affair, Deborah Lippman blue orchid and Essie fall in line. Other examples include Dolce and Gabbana in passione and Giorgio Armani in 402.


The best colors for nail designs depend on skin tone, wardrobe, current season, special events or just choosing colors that complement one another. For designs that are more striking, consider contrasting colors such as black and white. For a softer look, use pastel nail colors.


Nails are made out of keratin. Keratin is a tough, fibrous protein that also makes up hair, horns, claws, hooves and feathers. Forms of keratin may also be a component of the silk produced by spiders and caterpillars.


Good nail colors for spring include plum, soft mint and pink. Rather than applying one thick coat, apply one thin coat of color to the nails, allow it to dry and then apply a second thin coat for better coverage and faster drying times.


Some popular nail polish colors are Giorgio Armani "402," which is a classic shade of red, a pink and purple shade called "Passione" by Dolce and Gabana and an icy blue color called "Kip" by Butter London, says InStyle. Another popular color is "High Street" by Nails Inc., which is a deep berry purp


There are may different options for nail design, depending on a person's style and personal preferences. Some popular nail designs also vary by season. Ideas include bright colors, geometric designs, florals and rhinestones.


Yellow nails often indicate a fungal infection, according to EverydayHealth. Other causes of yellow nails include injury, skin conditions, smoking cigarettes and using red nail polish, as reported by WebMD. Medical conditions such as chronic lung disease and cancer can also cause yellow nails.


A harmless condition called melanonychia results in black lines on fingernails, as a result of increased pigmentation. Melanonychia is common in dark-skinned people and the elderly. It is rarely found in children.


Winter nail polish colors include metallic shades that shimmer, pale shades of gray and blues, nude shades and berry-tinged shades. Neutral shades such as pale gray, taupe and gunmetal gray are a favorite winter selection, because they are subtle shades ideal for everyday wear.


Nail art is a fashion trend of decorating nails with patterns, stickers and appliques. These embellishments are usually added to polished nails for interest and effect.