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One serving of Nabisco chocolate wafers contains 140 calories. Of these, 40 are contributed by fat, while the majority comes from the carbohydrates, which make up three-quarters of the chocolate wafer.


Good recipes using Nabisco products include chili snack mix, peppermint-Oreo cookie balls and baked mozzarella bites. Nabisco produces baked goods that can be used in both sweet and savory recipes.


Kraft Foods, now Nabisco's parent company, provides an easy recipe for making banana pudding with Nabisco Nilla wafers. Mix Jell-O brand instant vanilla pudding with milk according to the directions on the box, then layer the pudding mixture with vanilla wafers and banana slices, and top with Cool W


As of May 2015, Nabisco Nilla Wafers are available at Target, Walmart and Amazon.com. Target has some variations of the cookies available only at brick-and-mortar stores, while others are available through the website. An online search option lets consumers find the closest store that carries the pr


A recipe for chocolate wafer cookies is Nick Malgieri's Crisp Chocolate Wafers, which makes a dough of beaten butter, sugar, vanilla and egg whites with cocoa, flour and salt. This is then wrapped and refrigerated before baking, then served with creamy desserts, such as ice cream.


Replicate Nabisco Chocolate Snaps by combining common cookie ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs, shortening and cocoa power and baking the mixture in a 375-degree oven for 12 minutes. The key to replicating snaps is flattening the cookies after removing them from the oven.


Nabisco makes an assortment of foods, including Oreo cookies, Honey Maid graham crackers and Triscuit snack crackers. It is also the maker of Ginger Snaps cookies, Teddy Grahams snack crackers and Barnum's Animals animal crackers. Additional products include Easy Cheese processed cheese, Toblerone a


Nabisco Food Group produces many of the most popular snack brands in the United States, including Triscuit, Honey Maid and Ritz crackers, Oreo, Chips Ahoy and Nilla cookies, Fig Newtons, Premium Saltines and Swedish Fish candies. Nabisco merged with Kraft Foods in 2000, but the snack-food portion of


The Nabisco company website is Snackworks.com, and it features new products, promotions, recipes and company information. It also displays a full list of Nabisco brands and comprehensive nutritional information for each of its products.


Nabisco has discontinued several kinds of cookies over the years, including certain flavors of Newtons and individual brands such as Cookie Breaks, Swiss Creme Cookies and Kettle Cookies. The Hometown Favorites website lists more than 12 discontinued Nabisco cookie lines as of 2015.