articles offers a list of current NFL teams. The league has 32 teams, with eight divisions and four teams in each division. The league evenly splits the teams into two conferences: the AFC and the NFC. More »

There are six NFL teams that do not have official or regular groups of cheerleaders. These teams are the Buffalo Bills, the Green Bay Packers, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New York Giants, the Chicago Bears, and the Clev... More »

An NFL playoff tree, or "bracket," features the names of the 12 teams qualifying for the postseason. The bracket is split into two sections of teams, each seeded 1 through 6 to represent participants from the AFC and NFC... More »

similar articles lists power rankings for 2014 featuring all 32 NFL teams. The power rankings on allow fans to see the rankings for each individual week, the rankings at the end of the regular season and the rankings afte... More »

The NFL provides a comprehensive draft history on its website,, that allows users to view information from past drafts as far back as 1936 when the draft began. Each drafted player has their name linked to a play... More »

The latest NFL injury report is available on The report lists games for the upcoming or current week. It provides each team's injury listing under that team's game. More »

NFL team rosters are available through the Players section of, as of May 2015. The rosters include each player's name, position, number and statistics. More »