MySQL is a relational database management system that is widely used to provide database services for websites, among other purposes. It uses a client-server model that supports both access via general-purpose management... More » Technology Software

The PHP server-side programming language has many extensions that allow access to MySQL databases. A couple of options are mysqli and PDO. These object-oriented extensions allow programmers to access databases quickly wi... More » Technology Computer Programming

The primary option for executing a MySQL query from the command line is by using the MySQL command line tool. This program is typically located in the directory that MySQL has installed. You must have a username and pass... More »

Examples of database management systems, or DBMS, are MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle and DB2. A DBMS, also called a database manager, is a computer program that allows one or several users to execute database functions ... More » Technology Software

A database management system is used to let employees and owners access a large variety of information from a specific location like a computer. It allows access to specific information based on the user's credentials. More »

Microsoft Access is a database management system that serves as an electronic filing system. With Microsoft Access, the user is easily able to modify any data within the database, produce reports from the database and su... More »

Microsoft Access is a database management system used for capturing and analyzing data from computers or networks. Access can also be used to build new applications that use the data once it has been categorized. More » Technology Software