To set up a Virgin Mobile account, visit, click on Get Registered, fill out the form with your phone and personal details, set up a password and click Submit. Virgin Mobile accepts your application if... More » Technology Mobile

To activate a Virgin Mobile phone, turn it on, and press the Virgin Custom icon. Review the conditions, and tap Accept. Tap Create New Account, and enter your email address, password and account information. Create a sec... More » Technology Mobile

A Virgin Mobile cellphone is activated by going to the Virgin Mobile USA website. At the top of the website there is a menu and one of the options is titled Activate. Clicking on that brings the user to the activation pa... More » Technology Mobile
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Find the nearest Virgin Mobile retailer by selecting the Find A Store link at the top of National retailers, including Best Buy, Target, RadioShack and Wal-Mart, sell Virgin Mobile products and servi... More » Technology Mobile

Virgin Mobile provides a coverage map at Just enter the area that you want to see coverage for to view a coverage map for that area. You can view maps for voice coverage and coverage for different ty... More » Technology Mobile

Virgin Mobile is not running a promotion offering free top-up codes, as of January 2016; however, the company is offering free $25 account credits through a Refer a Friend promotion. The promotion allows referrers to ref... More » Technology Mobile

Sprint owns Virgin Mobile, and the two brands share the same network. Before being purchased by Sprint, Virgin Mobile paid for access to Sprint's network. However, Virgin Mobile continues to operate as a separate brand. More » Technology Mobile