Tenant rights vary from state to state, but renters typically have the right to quiet enjoyment of their rental unit, non-discrimination, repairs and habitability, says Money Under 30. Most states also have laws regardin... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Renter's rights, or tenant rights, are sets of laws which differ from state to state and guarantee the rights and recourses of people who rent space in which to live. These rights include provisions for upkeep of propert... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Renters in California have the right to rent a dwelling that meets specific safety and health standards, and they have the right to reside in a structure that is in good repair. As of 2015, if a landlord does not make ne... More » Business & Finance Real Estate
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Tenants in California have a multitude of rights that cover rent increases, rent payment method, when the landlord can enter the housing unit, repairs and habitability, according to the California Department of Consumer ... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

If a landlord refuses to make major repairs that affect the habitability of a rental unit, the tenant's options include calling governmental building inspectors, withholding rent, repairing the problem and deducting the ... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

The rights of renters and landlords do vary from state to state. The laws vary from landlord access to rental property to the regulation of security deposits. Other laws that vary from state to state include rental forms... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Apartment renters have a series of rights including everything from security deposits, leases, rent payment, housing discrimination and repairs. Maintenance, safety and privacy are also included in these rights, accordin... More » Business & Finance Real Estate