There are several reasons that could lead to a Mac running slowly, such as a full hard drive or an outdated OS X operating system. Other reasons include an overloaded program startup queue, too many processes running in ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

According to Plumbing Masters, the most common reasons for a slow running toilet include clogged holes along the inner rim of the toilet, malfunctioning parts and clogged vent or sewer lines. Plumbing Masters recommends ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing

Fixing a toilet that runs slowly doesn't take much time at all with this simple process. You only need a pair of vinyl gloves, a small mirror and a piece of thick wire, such as that from a wire hanger or a piece of pipe ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing
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You can make your Mac run faster by decluttering the hard drive. Apple computers need at least 10 gigabytes of disk space to run efficiently and keep the system from slowing down. Uninstalling unused programs and removin... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To defragment a Mac, make sure the operating system is up to date, download a defragmenting utility, restart the computer and run the defragmenting utility. If that does not fix the problem, run Disk Utility or back up a... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

The differences between Mac and PC include design, technical specifications, price, user interface, operating system, software, customer satisfaction and security. Macs offer distinct designs created by Apple, whereas PC... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

One way to force eject a CD from a Mac is dragging and dropping; drag the disk icon from the desktop to the trash can icon on the dock. Alternatively, navigate to Finder and click the eject icon that appears next to the ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware