It is possible to view public facts about a home through Zillow. The Zillow website shows an aerial photograph of the house as well as details about current and past assessed taxes, sales histories and the house's value ... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Obtain a free house history report by entering the full address at a website that specializes in such reports, such as HomeTrackr. Such reports provide data specific to the property regarding building permits, inspection... More » Business & Finance Real Estate Finding a Home

The history of a home is found through the chain of title and former deeds. Copies of deeds can be found at the public office where the municipality files deeds and public records, such as a clerk's office. Information r... More »

While homeowners can use online home value estimators, such as Zillow, to determine the value of their home, the best way to have a home appraised is to consult a licensed real estate agent. Real estate agents can pull u... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Finding the value of a house on Zillow requires searching for the home on the Zillow website and locating the value on the result page for the specific address. The value that Zillow provides is known as a "Zestimate" an... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Write a house offer from a template that includes information about the price of the home, comparable homes, a formal offer for the home and channels for closing the sale, Zillow states. The goal of an offer letter is to... More »

Find out about the past history of a home by checking with a local preservation officer, who can help find county archives, historical societies and state preservation trusts. Performing a deed trace can also yield infor... More » Business & Finance Real Estate