The proper way to sign off an email is to use a closing salutation that appropriately reflects the relationship between the writer and the correspondent. For an email to a friend, a sign off can be casual, such as "Cheer... More » Technology E-mail

To sign in to Comcast email, visit the site and click the blue “Sign In” button on the left. Enter your sign in information, click the “Sign In” button again, and click the “Email” button on the top m... More » Technology E-mail

Because BellSouth was acquired by AT&T, customers need to log in using AT&T web email services. If the BellSouth email account is still active, the user will be able to log in AT&T's webmail page More » Technology Internet & Networking
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BellSouth email can be accessed by logging in at the AT&T webmail login page. BellSouth Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T Inc. as the result of a transfer and sale that occurred in 2006. More » Technology E-mail

To write a business email, identify and set out the main points for discussion. This kind of email is usually brief and concise. Maintain a professional tone throughout to create a good business relationship between both... More » Technology E-mail

People can run free reverse email lookups on websites such as Pipl, Intelius and EmailSherlock by putting the email address into the search bar and hitting enter. The type of results revealed varies, but a search will br... More » Technology E-mail

Hotmail, now called Outlook, is Microsoft’s free email service. To log into Outlook, navigate to the Microsoft account login page ( and enter your e-mail address and associated password. If the ... More » Technology E-mail