The proper way to sign off an email is to use a closing salutation that appropriately reflects the relationship between the writer and the correspondent. For an email to a friend, a sign off can be casual, such as "Cheer... More » Technology E-mail

Because BellSouth was acquired by A More » Technology Internet & Networking

More » Technology E-mail
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Print an email by clicking the Print menu option, selecting a Print icon on the email screen, using a keyboard shortcut or right-clicking the body of the email. These methods typically open a dialog box that allows the u... More » Technology E-mail

An EML file is a file format that an email message file that is used by email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook Express. Other email programs that accesses files using the MIME RFC 822 standard format can also use an EM... More » Technology E-mail

A computer user can manage email in Microsoft Outlook by creating rules that specify actions Outlook should take when an email message is sent or received. For example, a user can create a rule that saves messages from a... More » Technology E-mail

The best way to stop unwanted emails is to be smart about giving out a personal email address. Using a spam filter also reduces unwanted emails. More » Technology E-mail