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To check an account balance, select the appropriate account, and pull the relevant data, as noted by Intuit. Common accounts include banks accounts, account receivable, accounts payable, fixed asset accounts, credit card accounts and equity accounts.


There are many types of accounts that allow a customer to retrieve his account balance over the phone. Cell phone, bank, credit card and gift card account balances are a few of the various balances that can be obtained over the phone.


To view a checking account balance, go online using a computer, mobile phone or tablet, and log in to an existing bank account, explains About.com. A checking account balance can also be determined by using a debit or ATM card at an ATM machine.


The method of checking an account balance online will vary, but one way is by logging into the online account a user owns with a bank and viewing the balance, advises Bank of America. Individuals must register for an online account with their bank by creating a user nam...


Customers can usually find the balance on their savings accounts via a monthly mailed bank statement, at an ATM, by phone or via online banking, notes TD Bank. Online banking is likely the most direct option for customers who want to access their savings account informa...


Some ways to find out the balance of a checking account include using an ATM machine, calling the bank, using the bank's website and going in person to ask, suggests Commerce Bank. Some form of identification may be required to obtain account information.


An accounting balance sheet is a financial statement that reveals the financial position of a company at the end of a specified period, usually the last day of an accounting period. A standard accounting balance sheet has three parts: assets, liabilities and ownership c...