Musician's Friend sells assorted musical instruments and equipment directly to the consumer, including guitars, basses, drums, pianos and keyboards. The company also carries orchestral instruments and accessories. More »

The best websites to purchase Gibson guitars at are the Gibson website, American Musical Supply, Guitar Center, Z-Zounds and Music 123. Musicians Friend and Sweetwater are also among the best resources, along with Rock a... More »

When buying used musical instruments, be sure to research the instrument, consider different buying options and try to bring along a knowledgeable friend. Buying a used instrument is a practical way to save money but als... More »

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Common musical instruments include the piano, violin, flute, guitar and drums. The clarinet, cello, keyboard, saxophone, bass guitar and trumpet are also common musical instruments played by students and professional mus... More »

Businesses that buy and sell used pianos include people on classifieds, piano technicians, used-piano dealers and piano-moving companies. Selling a used piano directly to an individual may fetch the best price. More »

The Martin Guitar Company sells 15 different series of acoustic guitar products, as of 2015, including limited edition commemorative guitars, twelve-string guitars, junior-sized guitars and ukuleles. The company also sel... More »

Korg keyboards are sold at Guitar Center locations nationwide and at B&H Photo in New York City. Korg's website offers a Dealer & Service Locator that can be used to find authorized local Korg retailers. Korg keyboards a... More »