Free music applications are available in the official app stores for Android, Windows Phone, iOS and BlackBerry devices. Launch the app store on the smartphone or tablet device and search the term "music" or select the M... More » Technology Mobile

The Music Paradise App allows one to find free music to download, though, most of the songs have copyright protection. The app allows one to search and download almost everything, ranging from sound effects to short clip... More » Technology Software

Some good music and singing apps are "Magic Piano" and "Sing! Karaoke," both by Smule. As of July 2015, both apps had four-star customer ratings on the Google Play Store. More » Technology Mobile
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As of March 2015, WhatsApp is free on iOS and Android devices for the first year according to the app's site. A subscription fee is required after the first year. WhatsApp never automatically charges for a subscription f... More » Technology Mobile

MusicTube is the name of two separate apps on Android and iOS devices that allow users to listen to music from YouTube. Both apps curate songs according to iTunes top lists and allow users to create playlists, search, sh... More » Technology Mobile

Find out how much a cab ride costs by using Taxometer on iOS, Taxi-Calculator on Android and Taxi Fare Calculator on Windows Phone devices. Whereas Taxometer costs money, the other two applications are free to download. More » Technology Mobile

Some free digital scale apps are Balance Scale for iOS and Mobile Digital Scale Lite for Android. Balance Scale offers passcode protection and displays weight in both the U.S. system and the metric system. It also featur... More »