To get arm muscles, work the different muscle groups in the arms by performing curls and a close-grip bench press. To improve strength in your hands and forearms, try using a hand exerciser. For beginners, push-ups are a... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Muscle Toning

One of the treatments for muscle pain is wrapping the muscle with an elastic bandage, according to WebMD. This type of compression helps to reduce swelling and supports the muscle. More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Exclusive of the shoulder muscles, the human arm has 23 muscles or teamed muscle groups. These are loosely grouped according to their position in the arm ? upper or lower, anterior or posterior ? and by their function. More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles
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Efficient Life Skills recommends a few simple exercises for toning flabby arms, including push-ups, tricep dips, tricep extensions, stretched planks and close-grip push-ups on a bench. Two to three sets of eight to 12 re... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Muscle Toning

Perform the reverse preacher curl by setting up your desired weight size on the bar, placing your arms over the arm bench, grabbing the bar in an overhand position and then lifting. Make sure that your hands and arms are... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Muscle Toning

Some examples of exercises that focus on arm muscles are bicep curls, hammer curls and tricep pushdowns. Arm workouts focus on exercising the biceps, triceps, deltoids, rhomboids and the forearm muscles More » Health Fitness & Exercise Muscle Toning

To get cut arms, start with weighted exercises to strengthen the muscles, switch to Pilates-style boxing for toning and finish with uneven push-ups for overall arm definition. Changing your arm definition requires at lea... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Muscle Toning