According to ZocDoc, you can stop muscle twitching by taking frequent rest breaks from repetitive forms of work. It may also help if you use ergonomically appropriate work equipment. Other beneficial actions to help stop... More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles

While as of 2015 the deficiency of any one vitamin is not a known cause of fasciculations, or benign muscle twitches, a lack of the mineral magnesium is a cause, according to Popular Science. A lack of sleep, the over-co... More »

To stop an eye twitch, you need to relax, and get rest. You can also massage your eyelid, and use antihistamines. If the twitch is severe, see a doctor. More » Health Vision

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Medicine Net indicates that electronic muscle stimulation may work. However, although EMS has shown the ability to strengthen, tone or firm a muscle, the results from the stimulation are only temporary. More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles