There are three different types of muscle tissues found in the human body: skeletal, smooth and cardiac. All three tissue types are found in different areas of the body and perform similar functions. More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles

The three types of muscle tissue include smooth muscle, cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle. Each type of muscle has a specific function in the human body. More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles

According to, cardiac muscles are found in the heart. Wikipedia explains that cardiac muscle is involuntary, meaning not under conscious control. It appears striated and is found in the walls of the heart, spec... More » Science Human Anatomy Organs
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MedlinePlus explains that the human body has three different types of muscles: skeletal, cardiac and smooth. These muscle groups have different functions, are located in different parts of the body and have different str... More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles

Some of the most commonly used antagonist muscle pairs in the human body include quadriceps/hamstrings, biceps/triceps, shins/calves, pectorals/latissimus dorsi and trapezius/deltoids, according to MIT. Other antagonist ... More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles

The percentage of muscle mass in the human body depends upon gender, age and physical fitness. For men, the average muscle mass is between 38 percent and 54 percent, while for women the range is between 28 percent and 39... More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles

Charts identifying muscles and showing their locations within the human body are available from and SportsInjuryClinic.Net provides a brief description of several major muscles, in addition to... More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles