Pinpointing the model of the installed sound card is the first step to finding which multimedia audio controller drivers are needed for Windows XP. Navigating through the control panel and accessing the Device Manager is... More » Technology Software

Download audio drivers compatible with Windows XP by accessing the Device Manager dialog box via the Control Panel, selecting your sound controller from the list of installed devices, and updating or installing the drive... More » Technology Software

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Insert your Windows XP installation disc, and follow the on-screen prompts to perform a complete reinstallation. To get started, you need your certified Windows XP disc and some free time for the process to complete. More » Technology Software

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In Windows XP, the Recycle Bin is found on the desktop. It has a bin-shaped icon and can be hidden and unhidden. When the user deletes a file, the icon changes from empty to full to reflect the deletion. More » Technology Software

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