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Stream 234- Mule Deer Round Table by Eastmans Elevated from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud. 234- Mule Deer Round Table by Eastmans Elevated published on 2020-07-29T17:06:55Z. In this episode Brian sits down with 3 fellow mule deer killers. Dioni Amuchastegui, Zach Kenner and Travis Nowotny sit down for an in depth conversation all ...


Mule deer - adult bucks: Clarks Fork: 105, 106, 109: Mule deer - adult bucks: Shoshone River: 121, 122, 123: Mule deer - adult bucks: Greybull River: 124, 165: Elk - adult cow or bull: Cody Elk: 55, 56, 58-61, 66 “These samples are important to determine and monitor CWD prevalence for the health of the herd,” said Scott Edberg, deputy chief ...


That 1949 Colorado mule deer set a world record for typical antlers and earned Boone and Crockett’s coveted Sagamore Hill Award. THE GLORY DAYS. Across the West, hunters won’t soon find deer hunting to match that of the 1940s and ‘50s. After Lewis and Clark noted the big-eared deer on the prairie, settlers shot the animals for meat.


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Mule deer antlers are bifurcated; they "fork" as they grow, rather than branching from a single main beam, as is the case with white-taileds. Each spring, a buck's antlers start to regrow almost immediately after the old antlers are shed. Shedding typically takes place in mid-February, with variations occurring by locale.


A truly big mature trophy mule deer is probably the most difficult antlered big-game animal to hunt. Patience, skill and high-quality optics on a tripod or truck window mount is often the name of the game and a good guide may sit for hours picking apart the countryside trying to catch a glimpse of an antler or bedded buck. Stalks can take hours in the hot sun or freezing rain but when it all ...


Heavy deep forked Mule Deer bucks are highly sought after and Saskatchewan is legendary for producing the kind of bucks that we only dream about. Everyone catches the Mule Deer madness bug and we are more than capable of helping with that! We do have a waiting list for this hunt, contact us for more details! More Mule Deer Photos Click Here.


The deer is a peace-loving animal and doesn’t seem to make a lot of noise, but it makes a high-pitched sound sometimes. The elk on the other side makes loud sounds that can be heard over miles. The appearance of elk can be deceiving at times because of the color of their coats changes in winter and summer.


In my 36 years of mulie hunting I've never had any luck rattling or grunting up a good buck. I can tell you, however, that "calling" mule deer is very effective. I've used anything from a dying rabbit varmint call, to the mule deer fawn in distress or doe call from ELK, inc out of Montana. I've used calls successfully numerous times (not grunting).


There is a common misconception in deer hunting that whitetails aren’t vocal. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Deer are extremely vocal and at times can be witnessed emitting numerous different sounds.. Knowing each of the most common vocalizations will allow you to be more successful this season and will potentially — if using calls correctly — pull a deer within range you ...