Lahars are one of the most dangerous by-products of a volcanic eruption due to the speed with which they can travel. A lahar is a mixture of pyroclastic material and rocks suspended in water and can flow like a mudslide.... More »

Some interesting facts about salt marshes include that they are flooded and drained a number of times every day by saltwater. These coastal environments have variations in their water level based on the tide. The ground ... More »

The differences between prawns and shrimp include their types of gills, how they carry their eggs and the types of plating on their tails. Prawns are generally found in shallower waters than shrimp and closer to the ocea... More » Food Food Facts Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Valley and continental glaciers differ mainly in area, thickness and speed of movement. The differences arise due to their location and relationship with underlying topography. More »

New Hampshire held the record for the world's highest ground-point level wind speed from 1934 to 2010, the year it was beaten by Barrow Island, Australia. On Apr. 12, 1934, the state's Mount Washington Observatory record... More » Science Earth Science

The Earth rotates at about 1037 miles per hour at the equator, and the speed at the North Pole and South Pole is near zero. The speed of the Earth's rotation increases when approaching the equator and decreases toward th... More »

Wind speed is the rate or movement of air flow as it travels from high to low pressure, in relation to the Earth. Warm air rises because it weighs less than cold air, and the cold air then moves in and replaces the warm ... More »