Movie listings and times appear on local theater websites and on sites that sell movie tickets, such as Fandango. Most movie theaters also have a movie hotline that allows customers to call and hear a recording of movie ... More » Art & Literature

Find movies playing at local theaters by using sites such as Fandango, Moviefone and Flixster. These sites allow users to look up local movie show times and get other information on current releases. More »

The Regal Entertainment Group website, located at, includes movie times for local theaters. Users enter a city, state or ZIP code to find a theater, then click See Showtimes under the theater name to see wh... More » Art & Literature

Resources for finding a list of movies currently showing in theatres include Fandango and the Internet Movie Database. Another resource for currently showing movies is MovieFone. More » Art & Literature

A variety of entertainment sites offer a list of all Julia Roberts movies, including IMDb, Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes. Wikipedia also lists her full filmography. More » Art & Literature

Regal Entertainment Group and Fandango list showtimes for movies playing at the Regal Binghamton Stadium 12 on their websites. Moviegoers enter "Binghamton, NY" or "13905" into the search boxes of both sites to view show... More » Art & Literature

Fandango and IMDb offer up-to-date lists of movies that are currently playing in theaters. Both sites also provide lists of upcoming movie releases, as well as movie-related information like trailers, summaries and casts... More » Art & Literature