articles provides a way to find tickets to advanced film screenings in your area. As of 2015, the website is free to use and asks you a short series of demographic questions that determine which movies you might be int... More » Art & Literature

A schedule of television season premieres for the entire year is available at For those primarily interested in premieres for the fall TV season, Cinema Blend has a list that spans September 1st to... More » Art & Literature

Frank Theatre movie times vary by location, date and films being screened. Specific information about movie schedules is available, as of 2015, on the main company website, which features a theater locator. Typing in a c... More » Art & Literature
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To attend advance movie screenings, register on, enter contests on local radio or television stations and join membership clubs with film studios. Public screenings are free and open to audience members who ha... More » Art & Literature

Get free movie tickets by joining a theater rewards program, looking for free screenings of new movies, following Twitter accounts that give out free tickets or repurposing unused gift cards. You can also win tickets thr... More » Art & Literature

As of 2016, the “Avatar” film is unavailable for free legal streaming online. and allow users to rent or purchase the full-length film for digital streaming. also provides users the option ... More » Art & Literature

As of 2015, the entire “Titanic” film is unavailable for free legal streaming online. and provide the full-length film for digital purchase and rent. also provides its users the option to p... More » Art & Literature