Downloading full movies from torrent sites is not legal. Downloading movies from torrent sites is considered piracy, which is illegal, and can incur penalties ranging from fines to time in prison. More » Art & Literature

Streaming full movies on sites such as Megashare is legal in most cases, according to Business Insider, but it is illegal to download any part of the movie, often called "pseudo-streaming," or to show the movie to a larg... More »

The easiest way to download full movies for free is through websites that host movies in the public domain; OpenFlix and the Internet Archive are two such resources. A majority of movies in the public domain are from the... More » Art & Literature

Hulu and Crackle host free, full movies online. These are available through a computer browser and have a variety of movie categories for users to browse and search through, such as action, horror and comedy. More » Art & Literature

Apps that allow users to watch selected full movies for free include Crackle, Viewster, Snagfilms, Tubi TV and Popcornflix. People can use the apps to stream movies on their televisions, smartphones or tablets, and many ... More » Art & Literature

Full versions of Filipino films are generally not available for download, unless a movie is in the public domain. Netflix, Filipino language channels and on-demand subscriptions allow viewers to watch new and classic Pin... More » Art & Literature

YouTube has multiple channels that stream full movies legally. In most cases, these movies are lowerlist ones that did not have a theatrical release. More » Technology Internet & Networking