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The mountains hold on to the wept-over name through the ages." ... Low passes are lacking, and the principal roads and the railroads between France and Spain run only in the lowlands at the western and eastern ends of the Pyrenees, near sea level. The main passes of note are:


Gaul is France. The mountains between France and Spain are the Pyrenees. However I thought Hannibal was supposed to have taken the elephants across the Alps.


The Pyrenees Mountains form the natural border between France and Spain, and it completely engulfs the nation of Andorra. The mountains extend for about 270 miles from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean Sea. The highest point is Pico de Aneto at 11,168 ft. (3,404m) Additional mountain ranges ...


Learn about the main mountain ranges of France, which run from the Alps to the granite Morvan in Burgundy along with mountain sightseeing and recreation. Link to TripSavvy Homepage. ... marking the border between France and Spain, with the tiny country of ...


Spain also has a small exclave inside France called Llívia, which is a mountain village in the historical comarca of La Cerdanya, forming part of the historical territories of Catalonia. Peninsular Region. The majority of Spain's peninsular region consists of the Meseta Central, a highland plateau rimmed and dissected by mountain ranges. Other ...


The country of Andorra is between France and Spain. Also the mountain range of the Pyrenees cover the border between France and Spain. Asked in History of Europe, France, Spain, Mountains


The Pyrenees is a mountain range between France and Spain. The Pyrenees mountains form the physical border between Spain and France and stretches from the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean sea. The snow-capped ridges of the Pyrenees mountains are a popular destination with skiers, climbers and walkers.


No mountain range could be said to do that. France is separated from Spain by the Pyrenees, and from Italy by the Alps and from Switzerland by the Juras.


Spain is in Europe, so there is no mountain range that divides Spain from Europe. What you are referring to is the Pyrenees Mountains, which forms much of Spain's border with France.


There is one tiny country that lies between France and Spain. The country is called Andorra. Note that France and Spain still share most of their borders with each other, and only a small part of ...