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Olympus is notable in Greek mythology as the home of the Greek gods, on Mytikas peak. Mount Olympus is also noted for its rich flora. It has been a National Park, the first in Greece, since 1938. It is also a World Biosphere Reserve.


Mount Olympus, Modern Greek Ólympos, mountain peak, the highest (9,570 feet [2,917 m]) in Greece. It is part of the Olympus massif near the Gulf of Thérmai (Modern Greek: Thermaïkós) of the Aegean Sea and lies astride the border between Macedonia (Makedonía) and Thessaly (Thessalía).


Mount Olympus is Greece's highest mountain and the home to the Gods of Greek mythology. Mytikas, Olympus' highest peak at 2917 meters was reached in 1913 by Christos Kakalos of nearby Litohoro and Swiss climbers Frederic Boissonas and Daniel Baud-Bovy.


Facts on Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus is the highest mountain of Greece and the second highest in the Balkans. - It is raised close to the village of Litochoron in Northern Thessaly, in the borders of the prefectures of Pieria and Larissa.


In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus was the dwelling of the Olympian Gods and it was created after the Titanomachy, the battle during which the Olympian...


Legends and ancient Greek mythology abound in Mount Olympus National Park in Greece, making for a unique hiking experience. Just don’t anger the gods, or else! According to Greek mythology, Olympus National Park was home to the ancient 12 Gods.


Mt. Olympus, Greece ()Traditionally regarded as the heavenly abode of the Greek gods and the site of the throne of Zeus, Olympus seems to have originally existed as an idealized mountain that only later came to be associated with a specific peak.


Mount Olympus, in north east Greece, has been known as the home of Zeus and the major Greek gods since before the time of Homer. The semi-legendary author of the Odyssey and the Iliad, who may have lived any time between 800 and 1200 years before Christ, included this dramatic mountain in his ...


Mount Olympus and Dion Full-Day Trip from Thessaloniki. Day Trips. From $58.24* ... I am planning a trip to Greece in early/mid Oct. Tentative plan is - arrive Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki - Litochoro (to climb Mt Olympus) - Litochoro - Meteora - Meteora - Vikos Gorge - Vikos Gorge - Delphi & southwards (rent a car in Vikos or nearby ...


Mount Olympus of Greek Mythology. On the summit of Mount Olympus Greek mythology lived and breathed as the meeting place of the gods. This mountain in northern Greece was said to be where the gods and goddesses built their homes and palaces.