A motherboard is the main printed circuit board found in computers. It contains the computer’s basic circuitry. Its main components include RAM slots, CPU chip, IDE slots, SATA ports, CPU slot, CMOS battery, chipsets, BI... More »

A motherboard links the different components within a computer to allow communication between all the hardware components. It holds the system memory, expansion slots, networking systems, audio, input/output systems and ... More »

The motherboard is plastic board that contains all of the circuitry and connectors required for the different parts of a computer. The circuits on top of the motherboard are very thin pieces of copper or aluminum foil th... More »

To find out whether a motherboard is bad, Computer Hope suggests using diagnostic tools, such as Hot CPU Tester, that check for failures within a system. If a computer does not start at all, listen for a series of beeps ... More »

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It is possible to replace the motherboard in a laptop. First, assess the issue to determine what the problem is before repairing or replacing it. More »

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According to PCMag, the Advanced Technology Extended motherboard (ATX) was the first PC motherboard to not only include I/O support (serial, parallel, mouse, etc.) but also to place all the connectors directly on the mot... More »

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The motherboard, hard disk drive, keyboard and power supply unit are the major parts of a computer. Computers are available in two main sizes, portable and desktop. Examples of portable computers include notebooks, lapto... More »