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Here is a list of world’s top 10 most expensive mobile phones of 2018. 10. iPhone Princess Plus – $176,400. iPhone Princess Plus has a feature that is not much different from other Apple iPhone mobile phone, which makes this into the top 10 most expensive mobile phones in the world.


Most people enjoy having a quality cell phone, but they also recognize that cellular phones are a consumable good and will have to be replaced within in a few years. For this reason, people often do not purchase the most expensive cell phone when they purchase their mobile. Some, though, must have a costly mobile phone.


The most Expensive & Luxury phones worldwide. Most expensive phones in the world available at many online stores, these phones prices are too expensive that can’t afford normal Peoples. Here can See those Phones Experts review, User Rating, Full Specification & Features, Look at infinity Display, Expandable Memory, intelligent Camera, Water ...


Some of the Most Expensive Phones cost you millions of dollars. So let us check out The most expensive phone in the world. List Of Most Expensive Phone 10. Vertu Signature Diamond – $88,000. Vertu made its first phone, the Signature phone in 2002.these phones are based on Android technologies and contain largely basic capabilities.


You might often wonder why companies like Apple, Samsung, Htc etc price their flagship smartphone so high, but you will be shocked to know that the price of these smartphones are nothing as compared to the 10 most expensive phones in the world.


Stuart Hughes is a name behind the design of the phone. On the last 3 years, the phone has been recorded as the most expensive cell phone in the world. The phone is carrying 22-carat pure gold weighing 271 grams.


Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones In The World 2019. This is the world’s most expensive mobile phone designed by Stuart Hughes and costs $8 million. The bezel of this mobile is handmade from rose with 500 individual flawless diamonds which are over 100ct. The backside of this mobile was made up of rose gold and 53 diamonds with Apple logo.


The above ranking of the most expensive mobile phones in the world is given according to the prices charged for these mobile phones. All of them are made with the latest technology and are luxurious as well that is the reason they are very expensive.


World's 8 most expensive smartphones. Text: TOI Tech Who says smartphones are only about specs? Look at some of the world's most expensive smartphones, they have lots more to boasts than just top-of-the line specifications. With designers extending their midas touch to the world of gadgetry, you have mobile phones costing over a million dollars.


Vertu has a reputation for creating luxury phones, and the Vertu Signature Cobra is no exception. At $360k USD, it makes the 8th spot of the top 10 world’s most expensive phones. It is manufactured with different designs depending on the buyer, and highlights the cobras on the edge of the device.