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To get rid of moss on your lawn, apply pesticide, improve the drainage of your lawn, and fertilize it regularly. If you can, it is also helpful to get more light to your lawn. It is best to treat moss with pesticide as soon as it appears.


To get rid of moss in a lawn, use moss killer on the lawn. After the moss dies, remove it from the lawn using a rake, and plant new grass in the empty spots. Water the newly planted areas frequently until the new grass is fully established.


There are several ways to effectively get rid of moss on lawns and these methods include a combination of the following: allowing more sunlight to shine on the lawn, manual removal of the moss, aerating the lawn and adding lime and fertilizer to the lawn. While using commercial moss killer is a quic


Alleviating damp, shady conditions and physical removal of moss are natural ways to kill it. Moss grows in yards as a result of moisture, shade and poorly maintained lawns.


To remove moss from the roof, scrub the affected area with a utility brush, then wash the roof with a solution of oxygen bleach, dish detergent and water. The process of cleaning the roof can typically be completed in a single afternoon.


Eliminating stickers or sand burs from a lawn requires a multi-step approach of removing seed and parent plants while encouraging growth of Bermuda or Saint Augustine grass to choke out the growth of sticker plants. Sticker plants multiply rapidly, so quick action makes it easier to control the prob


Moles are pests that tunnel under the earth in their quest for food, feeding on insects, grubs and earthworms. Although there are many ways to get rid of lawn moles, kill traps are the most efficient. Repellents tend not to work as well, and using insecticides to rid the soil of the insects moles fe


To get rid of mushrooms in the lawn, pick them or mow the are they are in as soon as they appear, then aerate the lawn to improve drainage and prune trees to increase sunlight exposure for the lawn. Although fungicides can eliminate fungal infections on plants, they do not get rid of mushrooms growi


To effectively rid a yard of moles, identify the mole tunnels, and then set mole-specific traps on the primary tunnels. Remove the mole, or dispose of its carcass.


Eliminate grass burrs from the lawn by applying pre-emergent herbicide two to four weeks before weeds are due to germinate, applying more pre-emergent herbicide every six weeks and treating any weeds that do germinate with post-emergent herbicide. More generally, keep the lawn healthy to prevent gra