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A mortgage payment is a monthly disbursement of funds paid by the borrower of a loan to the loan lender, according to BusinessDictionary.com. A monthly mortgage payment may or may not include additional funds for real estate taxes or insurance.


To calculate the monthly payments on a fixed rate mortgage, use the following formula: M = P [ i (1 + i)^n ] / [ (1 + i)^n – 1], reports NerdWallet. This formula takes into account the principal, or the initial amount borrowed, along with other factors.


The exact formula for calculating mortgage payments depends on the type of loan. For a common fixed-interest mortgage, the standard formula is P = LoanAmt [i(1 + i)n]/[(1 + i)n - 1], where i is the monthly interest rate and n is the number of payments, according to banking expert Justin Pritchard fo


Making a mortgage payment online involves establishing an account at the lender's website, then transferring the payment monthly by filling out a form on the site, as Bankrate explains. Payments post efficiently, and lenders usually don't charge for the service.


A "P&I" payment for a mortgage is a "principal and interest" payment, which is usually made monthly over the term of the loan, according to Quicken Loans. A principal and interest payment does not include taxes and insurance, two items that are commonly spread out over the loan in an escrow account.


The mortgage payment formula to calculate a fixed monthly payment is P = L[c(1 + c)^n]/[(1 + c)n - 1]. In this formula, P stands for monthly payment, L is loan, c is the monthly rate and n refers to the month in which the balance is paid in full.


Larger financial institutions use advanced security measures to protect all their customers' online bill payments. Research has shown that most online bill payments through the majority of financial institutions are safer than paying bills via regular mail.


To compute payments, the Internet-based mortgage calculators at Bankrate, Discover and Bank of America require users to input data on interest rates, purchase prices, payment periods and down payments, according to the respective websites of these organizations. Additionally, the simplified calculat


Calculating a potential mortgage payment is best accomplished using a free online mortgage calculator available from a financial institution, government agency or real estate specialist. Most methods, such as the Zillow calculator, include amounts for principle and interest, taxes and insurance.


Calculate your monthly mortgage payments by using a mortgage calculator, reports Bankrate. Among the factors needed for the calculator tool to figure out the monthly mortgage payment are the amount of the mortgage, the mortgage term in years or months, the interest rate per year and the start date.